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Using the Messages Tool

Messages are private and secure text-based communication that occurs within a course and among course members. Although similar to email, you must be logged in to the course to read and send messages. Using the Messages tool instead of the Email tool can also be more reliable. Problems with incorrect or out-of-date student email addresses do not affect course communication.

Messages are organized in folders, marked as Read or Unread, moved to other folders, or deleted. The Messages area has two folders, Inbox and Sent which you cannot rename or delete.  

Sending Messages

  1. (Option 1) On the Course Menu, click the Tools link; from the Tools page, click Messages.


  1. (Option 2) On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click Messages.
  2. On the Messages page, click Create Message on the action bar.
  3.  On the Compose Message page, select To and a list of course members appears.
  4. In the Select Recipients: To line box, select the recipients and click the right-pointing arrow to move them to the Recipients box. You can use the Cc and Bcc functions to send the message to those users that may be interested in the message, but are not the primary recipients. When using Bcc, other recipients do not know that the users listed in the Bcc field are receiving the message.
  5. Enter the Subject and Body of your message.
  6. Attach a file if desired.  If you wish to attach multiple files, you may do so using the Content Editor's Attach File icon  .
  7. Click Submit to send your message.

New Message Alerts

Students and instructors are notified of new messages through the Updates page (clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of WebCampus) and through the What's New Module on your MyWebCampus page.  You also 

  • Updates Notification:
    updates notification.PNG

  • What's New Notification: 
    wn cm notification.PNG 
  • Email Notifications
    This is not enabled by default.  You can change your notification settings to enable email alerts whenever you receive new course messages.  This will be sent to the email address in your WebCampus profile.  Please note that the message will come from WebCampus-DoNotReply.  You must log in to WebCampus in order to reply to the new message.

    email cm notification.PNG