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Saving a Thread as a Draft

The Save Draft function is available if you need to return to your discussion at a later time. This function saves your comments and files on the page.  

Please note, your instructor will not be able to grade your post if it is still in draft mode.  Be sure to Submit your discussion post when you are done editing it.

When you finish your post, you must click Submit to publish the thread in the forum.  However, in some cases you may wish to click Save Draft to edit and finish the thread later:

  1. On the Course Menu, click Discussions or Tools | Discussion Board
  2. From the Discussion Board page, click the name of the forum. Note: Your instructor may also have links directly to the forums from a content area within your course.
  3. On the Forum page, click Create Thread.

  1. On the Create Thread page, type a Subject.
  2. In the Message text box, type your reply. You can use the Text Editor functions to format the text and add files, images, web links, multimedia, and Mash-ups.
  3. Alternatively, in the Attachments section, you may attach a file using the Browse My Computer button.
  4. Click Save Draft to store a draft of the thread and continue working later.

Returning to your Thread Draft

Your discussion thread will appear alongside the other published discussion threads but will be marked in the Status column as . When you are ready to finish your thread, simply click the link to your draft thread and a new page will open where you can mouse over the thread content and select the Edit (or Delete) button that appears.

Click Edit to continue drafting your thread and click Submit when finished.  Your thread should now be marked as Published in the Status column and everyone will be able to read and respond to it.