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Reading and Responding within a Thread

Any threads posted within a forum will be viewable to everyone who has access to that forum. Information about the thread such as title, author, and date it was created are displayed on the forum page. To open a thread, click on its title.

When you open a thread, the original post will be displayed at the top, and any replies to the original post will be displayed below it. Replies are nested, which makes it clear which post a reply is in response to.

To reply to a post within a thread:

  1. Hold your cursor over the post and click Reply.
  2. Enter your response in the Message field.
  3. Click Submit

Note: If you wish to respond to a post within a thread without making a public reply, click the Email Author button next to an author's name.

If you would like to save a draft of your post to finalize later, you can click Save Draft instead of Submit, and the post will not become public but given the label instead.  You may return to it later by clicking Edit and then Submit when finished.