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Navigating the Discussion Board

When you access a forum in the Discussion Board, a list of threads appears with the following information:

  1. Date: Displays the date that the thread was created.
  2. Thread: Displays the name of the thread.
  3. Author: Displays the name of person who created the thread.
  4. Status: Indicates whether the thread is published, locked, hidden, or a draft.
  5. Unread Posts: Displays the number of posts not yet viewed.
  6. Total Posts: Includes both read and unread posts.

Forum Features:

  1. Create Thread: Add a new thread/message to a forum.
  2. Thread Actions: Make a selection from the drop-down list. Edit the status of the selected threads and perform other actions, such as marking threads read or unread and setting or clearing flags. Flags mark threads for later attention.
  3. Collect: Gather selected threads onto one page where posts can be sorted, filtered, or printed.
  4. Search: Search for Discussion Board content. Note: The search field is collapsed by default to save screen space.  To access the search fields, click on the Search button in the upper right hand corner.

If you have ever participated in an online forum or used the discussion board of a previous version of WebCampus then you will find navigating the discussion board a very easy task.  The discussion board is broken up into sections called "Forums" in which students and instructors can post topics and questions relating to the class and the class materials.  Click on the forum name to create or view threads within that forum.

Once you have entered a forum, the list of messages, which are called "threads", will be visible and clicking on any of the thread titles will open messages within that thread.