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MyWebCampus Primary View

This is the tab you will always see when you first login to WebCampus. This page will display eight different modules by default: Tools, My Announcements, My Calendar, My Organizations, My Courses, What's New, My Tasks, On Demand Help and Learning Catalog.  Note: They may not necessarily appear in the same order they appear below.

  1. Tools
    • This module collects all of the: announcements, calendar entries, tasks, grades, and goals of all your enrolled courses and shows it all in one convenient area.
    • Send email is available, it will shows all of your courses that allow emailing. Note: Email is not the same as messaging, email sends an email to the user's email account outside of WebCampus.
    • Personal Information takes you to the main page that allows you to edit your WebCampus account details.
  2. My Announcements
    • This module displays the most recent announcements from WebCampus administrators. Note: These announcements are different from announcements from your courses.
  3. My Calendar
    • This module shows any calendar entries you may have added to your personal calendar.
    • This module also shows any calendar entries from all of your courses that the instructor may have added.
  4. My Organizations
    • This module shows any organizations your account may be added to.
  5. My Courses
    • This module shows all the courses you are enrolled in.
  6. What's New
    • This module displays the number of new items for each content type and links to a details page for each Course.
    • The module displays items going back 7 days. The following content types are reported in the module:
      • Assessments
      • Assignments
      • Content
      • Unread blog entries, journal entries, and discussion board posts
  7. My Tasks
    • This module allows you to easily create "To-Do" lists in a digital format.
    • Your instructor may use this to help you and others keep track of class assignments that are due.
  8. On Demand Help and Learning Catalog
    • The On Demand Learning Center includes short, interactive video lessons called Quick Tutorials and short documents, called Getting Started Guides, designed to get you familiar with a feature in 15 minutes.