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Learning Modules

A learning module is an organized collection of content presented together. Learning modules are shells in which other content items such as files, folders and tools are added. It can support a course goal, a course objective, a subject, a concept, or a theme. Learning modules enable you to follow a structured path for progressing through content.

Following a Sequential Path

Your instructor decides whether to enforce a sequential path through the content in a learning module or allow you to open pages in any order. For example, your instructor sets up a learning module on astronomy. This unit walks you through a series of articles about astronomy, displays media files, and finally presents an assessment about the information covered. You must move through the contents in this order if the sequential path is enforced. You will know if there is a set path because only the link immediately following the page you are viewing is available. If the sequential path is not enforced, all the links are available.

Learning Module Navigation

To move from page to page within a module, click the left  and right  arrow buttons on the top right of the content area.


The buttons appear next to the "Page 2 of 3" text.

Note: The name of a folder or subfolder counts as a page. For example, if the learning module contains two folders, each containing one file, there is a total of 4 pages.

You can also navigate by clicking the name of a page in the table of contents instead of clicking the forward or back arrow buttons.

Using the Table of Contents

The table of contents displays next to the course menu on the page. You can a move the table of contents below the learning module content area to make more space across the page.

There are three display options available on the header of the table of contents:

  • Minimize
  • Maximize
  • Move to the bottom or the left

How to Move the Table of Contents

Click the button with the downward-facing right arrow to move the table of contents to the bottom of the page. To move the table of contents back to the left, click the upward-facing left arrow . The move to the left option will reposition the table of contents to the left of the content area.

Note: Your instructors can organize the table of contents however they see fit. The table of contents can be displayed using Roman numerals, numbers, letters, or any combination of the three.