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About the Notification System

From the Global Navigation Panel, you can manage notification settings for all of the courses and organizations you are enrolled in. The Notification System is a framework for the delivery of notifications to Blackboard Learn users. When an item is added, modified, or due dates are approaching, the Notification System will send you an alert using one or more of available notification methods.

The first and most important thing you need to understand about this system is that all enabled notifications are generated automatically whenever their associated event occurs. For example, when your instructor creates an assignment and makes it available, the system automatically creates the appropriate notifications.

Exploring  the Notification System

  1. Click on the drop down arrow on the upper-right hand side next to your name (Global Navigation Panel).
  2. Click Settings and select Edit Notification Settings

  1. You'll see the following items:
    • Edit General Settings - Customize the notification email format and reminder schedules for your courses
    • Edit Individual Course Settings - View and edit current notification settings each individual course
    • Bulk Edit Notification Settings - Select the set of courses to update all at once
    • Edit Individual Organization Settings - View the current notification settings for organizations that you are enrolled in