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WebCampus Login via ACE for Instructors and Teaching Assistants

UPDATED 4/6/2016

Note: The information on this page only applies to instructors and teaching assistants. If you are a student, learn more about how this change impacts you.

As part of ongoing efforts to consolidate UNLV account usernames and passwords, WebCampus was integrated with the ACE account management system on May 30, 2015.

What changed after May 30 2015?

Logging In

Faculty and Teaching Assistants who once logged into WebCampus using their NSHE ID will have have two accounts. Which account you use to log in to WebCampus will depend on which what you are trying to access.  See the table below for more information.

Term Task Username and Password Forgot Password?
Fall 2015 and beyond Prepare / Teach Courses

Username: ACE username
Password: ACE password

Visit login.unlv.edu or contact the IT help desk

Fall 2015 and beyond Access old course content (Summer 2015 and earlier)

Username: ACE username
Password: ACE password

(If you do not see the information you need after logging in with your ACE username and password, please contact the help desk at 702-895-0777.)

Visit login.unlv.edu or contact the IT help desk

  Access old (Summer 2015 & earlier) course messages only Username: NSHE ID
Password: Same password you used in the past to log in to WebCampus
Contact the IT help desk


New Instructor WebCampus Account Creation

ACE accounts are created automatically after all contracts and paperwork are completed. The account credentials will be delivered to your personal e-mail address provided during the application process. This will be the same username and password that you will use to log in to WebCampus. 

Access to your Courses

Your courses will become accessible in your WebCampus account within 24-48 hours of being assigned to you in MyUNLV by your department's scheduler.

Frequently Asked Questions