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Using a Word Processor to Prepare Questions

Respondus will import multiple choice, true-false, paragraph, short answer, matching, and multiple response questions. The plain text, rich-text, or MS Word file must be organized into a standard format before it can be imported into Respondus.

Required Elements

Each question must begin with a question number, followed by either a period "." or a parentheses ")".

Example: 3)
Example: 3.

The question wording must follow the question number. (Note: at least one space should be between the question number and the question wording.)

Example: 3) Who determined the exact speed of light?
Example: 3. Who determined the exact speed of light?

Each answer choice must begin with a letter (A-Z) followed by a period "." or a parentheses ")".

3) Who determined the exact speed of light?
a. Albert Einstein
b. Albert Michelson
c. Thomas Edison
d. Guglielmo Marconi

Designating Correct Answers

For questions being imported to an Exam file, correct answers can be indicated in two ways. First, you may place an asterisk (*) directly in front of the answer choice (do not put a space between the asterisk and the answer choice).

3) Who determined the exact speed of light?
a) Albert Einstein
*b) Albert Michelson
c) Thomas Edison
d) Guglielmo Marconi

The second option is to place a list of correct answers at the end of the file. The list must begin with the word "Answers:" and the answers should start on the following line (no blank lines are allowed). Note that any text after the answer list will be ignored.


1. A
2. C
3. B
4. B

If neither method is used to select a correct answer, Respondus will automatically select the letter "A" as the correct answer. Don’t worry, you will be warned if a question does not have an answer selected for it prior to completing the import. (Note that survey files should not have "correct answers" selected. If you are importing questions into a survey file, any correct answer designations will be ignored.)

Additional Requirements

For questions types other than multiple choice, you need to specify the question type in each question block.  Expand the sections below for examples.