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Test Question Types

Adding questions to an existing test or quiz follows the same basic process with slight variance by question type. 

  1. You'll start by visiting the Control Panel and clicking Tests, Surveys, and Pools under the Course Tools area. 
  2. When the Test, Surveys, and Pools page appears, you will click Tests.
  3. The Tests page will display any tests that have been previously created and allows the building of new tests.  Click the down arrow next to an existing test and click Edit.
  4. To create questions, you will follow the same basic process:
    • Mouse over Create Question
    • Choose a Question Type
    • Type an optional Question Title
    • Type the Question Text
    • Specify the Answer(s)
    • Provide any other details that are required based on the Question Type you selected.  Blackboard demonstration videos are available on many of the common question types (see below).

Please find brief descriptions and instructions for creating specific question types below (click to expand or collapse each section).

When you are finished creating questions, click OK.  Your test has been saved and can now be linked to a Content Area within your course.

Source: Blackboard Help - Instructor Resources