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Re-opening a Test for Students

If a student or group of students either missed your test or needs to retake it, you can reopen the test for those individual student(s).

As of Spring semester 2014, WebCampus has been updated to make it easier to reopen tests for students.  These instructions have been updated to reflect the changes.

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Step 2: Add an Exception to the test in the Test Options
  1. Go to the area of your course where your test is located.
  2. Mouse over the title of your Test and click on the gray circle View Assessment graycircle.png to the right to expand the menu.
  3. Select Edit the Test Options.                              TestOptions.PNG
  4. Under Section 3 (Test Availability Exceptions), click the Add User or Group button.  A popup window will appear and prompt you to choose the students that need the test reset.  After you have selected the students in this window by checking the box, choose Submit at bottom of the window.  The popup window should close.
  5. You can adjust the number of attempts, the amount of time on the test timer, and the dates the test are available by clicking the calendar icon.  Please note:  the Set Timer option must be set in Section 2 of the Test Options in order for it to be available in the Exceptions section.                         Exceptions.PNG
  6. Click Submit to save your changes.  The student should now be able to take the test.  You can add an exception to the demo student with the same settings you applied to the student to verify the changes are working.  Don't forget to clear the demo student's tests in the grade center if necessary!