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Managing Course Announcements

The Announcements tool can provide students with course reminders and updates containing text, images, multimedia, and hyperlinks.  How and when the announcements are displayed (including the order) is controlled by you as the course instructor.  Keep in mind that all course users will be emailed when either the announcement is posted or the announcement display duration start date has begun unless they have turned off notifications in their personal settings.

  1. Announcements can be set to be displayed perpetually for the duration of the course, or they can be set to be displayed for specific time intervals.  These settings are controlled when you create the announcement.
  2. You can customize the announcement order after they have been created by dragging and dropping the announcements into the correct order (method #1), or by using the opposing double arrow icon ( ) and corresponding pop-up window to reposition them (method #2).  New announcements appear directly below the repositionable bar.  Priority announcements can be moved above the repositionable bar to pin them to the top of the announcement list.

Announcement Page with Re-order Methods

Example: New Announcement

Example: Priority Announcement