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Getting Started with Respondus

Respondus is software that can be useful if you are interested in creating online assessments. Online assessments can be created right within course, but Respondus can serve as your question database, delivering questions to several online courses. You can also salvage test questions you’ve used for traditional paper testing by importing your properly formatted text document into Respondus.  Once you have Installed Respondus on your computer, you may begin creating questions.

Thanks to the Online Education, Respondus is available to the entire UNLV Campus.  You can access the installation instructions and corresponding files through WebCampus:

  1. Log On to WebCampus
  2. Expand the Content Collection section in the Course Management area of your course (bottom-left area of the navigation bar), and select Institution Content.
  3. Click on the Respondus folder.
  4. Within the folder is a How to Install Respondus PDF file containing instructions on how to download and install the .exe file for Respondus.  It will also contain the annual license code for Respondus.

You can download a Quick Start Guide from Respondus if you are new to the software.