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First Time Accessing a Section

When first accessing your section in WebCampus you will see the default menu layout on the left navigation menu that consists of the following links:

  1. Information for Instructors* (An HTML page consisting of instructions on how to get started with the new course menu and make changes as necessary.  This is not visible to students)
  2. Announcements (Link to the announcements tool)
  3. Start Here (Placeholder folder/content area that you can click on to add items such as your syllabus or welcome message to students)
  4. Course Content (Placeholder folder that you can click on to add items to)
  5. Discussions (Link to the Discussion Board tool)
  6. Course Messages* (Link to the internal course messages tool)
  7. Email* (Link to the external Email tool)
  8. My Grades (Link for students to access the section's gradebook)
  9. Resources (List of links for  WebCampus support resources and other campus resources)

*All menu items listed above with an asterisk next to it are hidden from students by default.  For the Course Messages and Email tools, it is recommended that you select your preferred mode of communicating with your students and unhide that tool link.  

You also have the option of deleting or renaming any of the links above by moving your mouse over the menu item and clicking on the gray circle to the right of its title.

You can also copy or transfer content from another section into your new section.  Please note that doing a copy or import only overwrite menu items with the same name.  You may need to remove the duplicate items either before or after your copy/import.

Tipsheets for Copying or Importing Content from Another Course:

  1. Copying Content from another WebCampus (Learn) Course
  2. Migrating Your Course from Vista (Old WebCampus) to Blackboard Learn (Current WebCampus)