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Deploying a Test to a Content Area and Configuring Test Options

  1. Make sure that Edit Mode is ON, and click an existing Content Area (Course Information, Assignments, a specific unit, learning module, or other container) from the Course Menu on the left.
  2. Mouse over Assessments on the action bar and select Test.

  1. On the Create Test page, select the existing test that you would like to use in the Add Test section and click Submit.

  1. On the Test Options page, once again verify the Name and Description for your test. You may also choose Yes for the option to Open Test in New Window, and Show Test Description/Instructions before they begin the test if desired.

Test Information.png

  1. In the Test Availability section, you can deploy the test by selecting Yes for the option to Make the Link Available. Other recommended settings are to not allow Multiple Attempts, to leave the checkbox unchecked under the Force Completion option, and to set Auto-Submit to ON.  Additional options include the ability to Set a Timer, establish Display After and Display Until settings, as well as specify Test Availability Exceptions and a Due Date.

Test Availability.png

Test Availability and Due Date.png

  1. In the Show Test Results and Feedback to Students and Test Presentation sections, common choices are to provide the Score as feedback to students upon completion, allow students to take the test All at Once rather than answer questions One at a Time, and to Randomize Questions for each test attempt.

Self-assessment and Show Test Results.png

Test Presentation and Submit.png

  1. Click Submit to save the test. 
  2. Be sure to click Go To Student View (  ) to see what the test looks like from a student's perspective (if you have set a Display After date that is in the future, you will want to change your Display After date temporarily so that you can see it!).  When you are finished, click Return To Teacher View 
     ) and remember to reset your Display After date as needed.

Getting Started with Building a Test

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Creating Tests