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Date Management

Date Management allows you to automatically adjust all content and tool dates for your course.

The following items are supported by Date Management:

  • Content (items, files, audio, etc.)
  • Manual grade columns
  • Assessments (tests, surveys, assignments, etc.)
  • Tools (discussions, blogs, journals, announcements, etc.
  • Publisher content (course cartridges)

**If this is your first time accessing the Date Management tool, it may need to be enabled in your course first:

  1. From the course's Control Panel on the left, click on Customization
  2. Select Tool Availability
  3. Look for the Date Management tool and check the first check box.
  4. Click Submit in the upper or lower right hand corner of the page

Once the tool is enabled, you will find the tool listed under Control Panel> Course Tools.  To edit your dates:

  1. From your course's Control Panel, click Course Tools
  2. Click Date Management
    (**If you do not see Date Management listed, you will need to make the tool available.  See the set of instructions above on how to do this.)
    Date Management Control Panel.png
  3. Select the last option - List all dates for review (this will give you a list of all items in your course that have availability or due dates)
    Alternatively, you can select one of the other options to advanced dates by a certain number of days or based on other criteria.
  4. Click Start
  5. Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%, then click Next
  6. To edit your dates, click on the Pencil icon Date Management Pencil.png to the far right of the item or click on any date
    Date Management Dates.png
  7. Enter your new dates in the appropriate boxes
    Date Management - Edit.png
  8. Click on the green check date management green arrow.pngon the right to save your changes or the black arrow date management arrow.pngto cancel.