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Creating Group Sets

You can create multiple Course Groups at once by creating a Course Group Set.  Course Groups allow instructors to create groups of students within their course to collaborate on assignments, discuss course topics, and perform other similar tasks.  The steps below outline how to create a course group set and manually add students to those groups.  You also have the option for students self-enroll in the groups you create.

  1. In the Control Panel, click to expand the Users and Groups section and click Groups. If you have made the Groups tool link available on the Course Menu, you can use that link as well.

  1. Mouse over Create Group Set on the action bar and select Manual Enroll.

  1. On the Create Group Set page, type the group Name and add an optional Description in the Text Editor box. Keep in mind that the group Name will automatically have numbers appended to it depending on the number of groups you are creating, so you do not need to add a numeric value in the Name field. Select Yes to the Group Available option if you would like to make this content available to the group members.

  1. Select any tools that you would like to make available to the group members.  Discussion board, Email, File Exchange are all good options while the other tools may be either unnecessary or unwanted for the purpose of your group work.

  1. If you would like to allow students to add personal space modules to their Group's home page (such as a group calendar or...), click the Allow Personalization checkbox.
  2. Type the Number of Groups that you would like to have created in the appropriate field.
  3. Click Submit to save the group and proceed to the Edit Group Set Enrollments page.

  1. On the Edit Group Enrollments page, you will want to leave the option Remove Members already in a Group from the Available Members List checked so that you don't assign the same student to multiple groups by accident. 
  2. Select the members you would like to add in the Items to Select box and use the right-arrow to add the students to the Selected Items box.  You can hold down the CTRL key while clicking member names to select multiple people.  You will repeat this process for as many groups as you are creating.

  1. Click Submit to save the group enrollments.

Video Demonstration

Creating a Group Set (Random Enroll)

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