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Creating a Glossary and Adding Glossary Terms

Creating a Glossary

  1. Make sure that Edit Mode is ON, and mouse over the symbol from the Course Menu on the left to add a new Tool Link.

  1. In the Add Tool Link window, type the Name of your glossary and select Glossary from the Tool Type pull-down menu.  You can make the glossary available to users by placing a checkmark next to Available to Users.  Click Submit when finished.

  1. Select the Glossary link that should now be appearing on your course menu.  You may add terms manually, one at a time, by clicking Create Term on the action bar.  Alternatively, you may mouse over Upload/Download and then Upload Glossary to upload a glossary you have already created.  Note: If you intend to upload a glossary, it must be prepared first as a tab-delimited text file (.txt) or a comma-separated value file (.csv). The should contain a term and its definition on each line separated by either a tab (.txt) or a comma (.csv).

Manually Adding Glossary Terms

  1. From within your course glossary, click Create Term.
  2. Enter a Term and Definition in the appropriate fields.

  1. Click Submit when finished. Repeat as needed to create additional terms for your glossary.

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