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Creating Course Announcements

The Announcements tool can provide students with course reminders and updates containing text, images, multimedia, and hyperlinks.

  1. Make sure that Edit Mode is ON, and click Announcements from the Course Menu on the left.  If you have not made the Annoucements tool link available on the Course Menu (it is recommended that you do!), you can find it by expanding the Course Tools section under Course Management.
  2. Click Create Announcement on the action bar.

  1. On the Create Announcement page, type the Subject and Message that you wish to convey in the appropriate fields.

  1. Choose whether you want to have the announcement displayed perpetually without Date Restrictions, or if you want to limit its display to a specific date and time range.
  2. Browse to provide a course link if you would like to students to navigate to a particular area or file within the course.
  3. Click Submit to post the announcement.  Note: All course members will be informed about the announcement via email unless they have turned off such notifications in their personal settings.  The announcement will still display in the Announcement area of the course regardless of their notification setting, however.

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