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Creating Calculated Grade Columns

In the Grade Center, you can calculate grades using calculated columns. Calculated columns combine data from multiple columns to attain performance results.

You can use calculated columns to do the following:

  • Calculate the total grade.
  • Weight grades by column, category, or both.
  • Calculate the average grade.
  • Calculate a minimum or maximum grade.

Steps 1-6 are used to create any of the calculated column types listed above.  To view remaining steps, click the links below to expand brief descriptions and the remaining steps for setting up specific calculated columns.

  1. In the Control Panel, click to expand the Grade Center section and click Full Grade Center.

  1. Mouse over Create Calculated Column on the action bar.
  2. Select the type of Calculated Column you would like to create.

  1. Enter Column Name (this will be displayed to students); enter an optional Grade Center Name if desired (or leave blank if same as Column Name) and Description.
  2. Select a Primary Display option (how students will see their grade):
  • Score = numerical point value
  • Letter = letter grade based on grading schema
  • Text = alphanumeric grade
  • Percentage
  • Complete/Incomplete
  1. Select a Secondary Display option if you would like a different view of the score from your Grade Center (optional).  Select None to use the Primary Display.

Click to expand brief descriptions and instructions below for the final steps of creating specific calculated columns