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Adding Your Contact Information

A contact area of your course can be used to provide information about yourself to your students (office hours, etc.).  It's another way for them to find your information -- just in case they can't locate your syllabus and need to get a hold of you.

  1. Make sure that Edit Mode is ON and mouse over the symbol from the Course Menu on the left and choose Tool Link.

  1. In the Add Tool Link window, type the Name of your Contacts link (you can use Contacts or be original).  Choose Contacts as the tool Type in the drop-down menu.  You can make the content area available to users by placing a checkmark next to Available to Users.  Click Submit when finished.

The newly-created Contact tool link acts as a placeholder for your contact information.

  1. Click the Contacts tool link on your course menu and click Create Contact.

  1. Fill in any of the fields that you wish to have displayed, such as Title, First Name, Last Name, Email, Work Phone, Office Location, Office Hours, Notes, etc.  You may also attach a profile picture of yourself, and/or a link to your personal or departmental web page.
  2. After reviewing all of the information you have provide, be sure to select Yes on the option to Make the Profile Available and click Submit.

Be sure to click Go To Student View (  ) to see what the Contacts page looks like from that perspective.  When you are finished, click Return To Teacher View (  ).

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