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Adding Textbook Information

  1. Make sure that Edit Mode is ON, and click an existing Content Area (Syllabus, Course Information, Assignments) from the Course Menu on the left.
  2. Mouse over Publisher Content on the action bar and select Search for Textbook.

  1. On the Search for Textbook page, select the appropriate search parameter and type the book's ISBN, Title, Author, or Subject to narrow your search and click Go.

  1. In the search results, locate the textbook and click Select.

  1. On the Create Textbook page, choose whether the textbook is Required or Recommended; optionally, you may type a brief Description of the textbook.

  1. In the Options section you can make the item available to students by selecting Yes for the Permit Users to View this Content.

  1. Click Submit to save the item, or click Submit and Add Another if there is another textbook that you wish to add.  See the saved textbook example below:

Video Demonstration

Adding Textbook Information