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Adding a Syllabus or other Files

You can upload individual files to have them included in your course material and accessible to your students. If you wanted to add something like a syllabus file or other item, there are two ways to do it.  You can add the content using the Build Content command in any existing Content Area (Syllabus, Course Information, Assignments, etc.).  Alternatively, you can upload files or folders using the Content Collection tool found in your Course Management area (bottom left navigation pane from within your WebCampus course).

When using the Build Content method, you'll be using either Create Item or Create File selections from the Build Content action bar.  The primary difference between these two choices is that Create Item will allow you to add a description (using a Text Editor box) and the ability upload multiple attachments to the Item you are creating.  Create File does not offer these two capabilities, but does provide an easier way to click the hyperlink for whatever file you choose to upload.

How to add a file using Build Content: Create Item (link)

How to add a file using Build Content: Create File (link)