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Canvas for Instructors

We understand that you have invested heavily in developing your courses. We are here to help you preserve that investment and will work closely with you when it is time to transition your courses to Canvas.

What To Do Now

Continue using WebCampus as you have in the past. 

Over the course of the coming year, there will be many announcements, website updates, and training opportunities to help you get ready for Canvas. Please watch for these announcements and opportunities and ask questions along the way. 

Help Through the Transition

When the Canvas environment is ready at UNLV, many opportunities will be available for you to learn how to use the tools in the new system. Although much of the functionality in Canvas is similar to the functionality in Blackboard, the tools are different.

  • Content can be migrated, but will have to be adapted to the new design and toolset. More information about how content can be handled and available support options will be available as we approach the transition.
  • Canvas provides a robust support center, including instructor tutorials, where you can get a sneak peek of the new LMS in action.
  • Faculty can explore further by creating an actual course in Canvas.  Canvas allows you to create a full course free of charge on their hosted site. Select "Build It"  to create a course.  This is not an official UNLV supported site, so OIT will not provide support.  But the course and content can be exported to be used later in our system.  Keep in mind that the Canvas site is not UNLV customized and may have features/options that will not be available in our system, or missing tools or features UNLV will have.
  • Many training and assistance opportunities will be available closer to the launch of Canvas.

Embracing New Opportunities

With a wealth of new features, Canvas will let you engage your students in new ways. Check out Canvas features, faculty stories, and case studies to see what is possible. 

If you have been thinking about redesigning your course, this transition is a good opportunity for you to make those changes. If you are considering making major changes to your existing WebCampus course before the campus has implemented Canvas, please contact us so that we can help you plan on what changes to make and when to make them. 

Questions or concerns?

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