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WebCampus (Blackboard) Support

WebCampus (Canvas) Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will SafeAssign be available in Canvas?

No. SafeAssign is a Blackboard product.  Faculty should stop using SafeAssign in their classes and begin using Turnitin for plagiarism detection as soon as feasible. Papers stored in the SafeAssign database will not be transferred and will be lost.

Q. What other features will not transfer directly over from Blackboard?

Journals, Blogs and Wikis do not have a direct equivalent in Canvas.  However, there are are alternate means to achieve the same outcome of these tools in Canvas.  Faculty do not have to abandon the use of these tools but there will be an adjustment in how they are created and used.

Q. How long will Blackboard be available?

Some courses will be taught with Blackboard through the summer term of 2018.   Beginning with fall term 2018, Blackboard will be available as a legacy system only for faculty through June 2019 if there is need to retrieve content from older courses.  

Q. Will Canvas be called WebCampus?

Yes.  WebCampus is the learning management system brand at UNLV, regardless of vendor.  During the transition we will use WebCampus-Canvas when referring to the new system to avoid confusion.  Beginning in fall 2018 when all courses are using Canvas, the system will be referred to as only WebCampus.

Q. How will I log-in to Canvas?

In December 2017, after the end of the fall 2017 term,  a new log-in page will be utilized for WebCampus.  Users will be able to access both Blackboard and Canvas from this page throughout the transition.  After the transition is completed, the access link to Blackboard will be removed.  Users will use their ACE login ID and password to access Canvas like they do with Blackboard.