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Decision to Move to Canvas

There are a number of factors that prompted the university to explore whether to continue using Blackboard Learn or transition WebCampus to Canvas. Although moving to Canvas offers many advantages, changing enterprise-level services, like WebCampus, is a difficult decision.

Ultimately, the most important criteria are how well the system is meeting the needs of instructors and students now and into the future.

Advantages of Moving to Canvas

Given the many perspectives that needed to be considered, UNLV’s Office of Information Technology engaged in a campus-wide outreach effort to gather feedback from faculty and students in Fall 2016. The table below provides an overview of those activities.

Outreach Engagement Activities Completed

The following efforts were used to educate the campus and engage them in the decision.
Feedback was collected via: web survey submissions, email replies, discussion, and committee reports.

  • Learning Management System Decision Website was created with feature comparison, instructions to set up a trial of Canvas, and other materials to assist the campus in evaluation and feedback.
  • Presentation at Senior Senators Meeting - August 30th 
  • Presentation at Faculty Senate Meeting - September 13th
  • Announcement at Council of Dean's Meeting 
  • Multiple Faculty & Student Open Forums - October 
  • Advisory Committees Consulted
    • Learning Management System Coordinating Committee (LMSCC)
    • Faculty Technology Advisory Board (FTAB)
    • Online Education Advisory Board
    • Information Technology Coordination Committee (ITCC)
    • Student Technology Advisory Board (STAB)
    • Graduate & Professional Student Association Presentation
  • Announcements via email, UNLV Offical, and UNLV Today


UNLV’s Executive Vice Provost and President, Diane Chase, shared the campus feedback with UNLV Faculty Senate and a decision was reached to make the transition to Canvas by Fall 2018.